Despre mine

roxana ilie_cercPasiune, creativitate, nitel perfectionism, limba ascutita. Imi place sa schimb sau sa regandesc creativ concepte, sisteme, mentalitati. Sunt un calator care simte si iubeste civilizatiile intalnite. Sunt un marketer care intelege ca este nevoie de o abordare mai profunda, mai putin soft, mai frontala, dar si mai personala in articolele de travel sau proiectele de marketing. Va invit intr-o calatorie prin locurile sau conceptele care imi plac sau ma intriga. Va promit o alta perspectiva…

Si totusi cine sunt eu, marketerul calator? 

Pasiune – numele tau e Roxana! Nu exista recomandare de la colegi, parere de la prieteni sau… dusmani (da, oi fi avand si asa ceva) care sa nu includa cuvantul pasiune in toate formele ei (passion, passionate, cam patimasa :)). Ei, asa o fi, cam tot ce fac, spun, traiesc are ingredientul asta din belsug. Imi place ceea ce fac si daca pun pasiune intr-un proiect, o idee, sunt de obicei comparata cu o locomotiva … sau o arteziana de idei. Ei, da, sunt norocoasa, asa poeti sunt cei care ma descriu, evalueaza, discuta. In combinatie cu o creativitate pragmatica si cu o perseverenta de neoprit, pasiunea mea poate fi un veritabil factor de schimbare in orice organizatie sau grup.

Ce imi place: sa schimb mentalitati, sisteme, concepte. Prin schimbare inteleg sa le aduc la un alt nivel, pastrand lucrurile bune, dar asamblandu-le intr-o alta maniera, mai creativa sau mai profitabila. Sau ambele.

Ce nu suport: intepenirea in zona de confort, rutina, frica unora de schimbare.

Nu-mi place sa imi exprim insistent doar o latura a existentei (exclusiv profesionist,  calator, mama, etc). Imi place sa cred ca sunt un puzzle unitar de piese extrem de bine conturate: marketer cu ceva experienta, mama, femeie, calator prin lume…

Ca profesionist am avut ocazia sa lucrez in preajma unor lideri cu viziune adevarata, ca mama am 2 copii absolut senzationali (mostenire genetica, deh). Ca marketer am un background verificabil, de care sunt mandra si pe care il gasiti il puteti gasi pe larg aici https://www.linkedin.com/in/roxanailie Ca individ am pareri bine conturate, respect si sustin ideile curajoase, oamenii care au coloana vertebrala si curaj. Si pun suflet in tot ceea ce fac.

Calatoriile sunt o pasiune veche, desi recenta ca transpunere in scris a lor pe un blog. Din postura de calator am o perspectiva ancorata in realitatea locului vizitat, las locul altora pentru a reda informatii sterile, de toata lumea cunoscute. Imi place sa cred ca scriu nu pentru a indica vesnicele top 5 atractii ale unui oras. Prefer sa inteleg civilizatia si economia tarii respective, sa vad natura si mintea localnicilor intr-un tot unitar, sa redau starile si perceptia mea asupra locurilor vizitate.

Va astept pe aici, sigur vom avea ce sa impartasim impreuna.

Cu pasiune,

Roxana Ilie – marketer calator

Pentru cei interesati, gasiti aici o prezentare a marketerului calator si a serviciilor pe care le ofer, impreuna cu proiecte anterioare care m-au modelat ca profesionist in peste 18 ani de marketingareli.

Marketer Calator – service presentation

And now an interview in English, given at the request of a large printing company from China, after writing about my experiences in their country. Enjoy!

What do you do? Describe yourself, please!
Heavy tested marketer & traveler, with combined marketing & business development approach, pragmatic creativity and hands-on ability to design & run complex projects of launching new products/ services or company rebrandings (in industries like oil& gas, pharma, IT&C, HR & personal leasing).
Crazy passionate about out-of-the-box ideas, standing out from the average solutions. Like to make a memorable statement in the evolution of every project, team, company, by moving things ahead like a powerful locomotive.
Traveler expressing emotions, opinions, vibrant colors of visited places, not only info!
Passionate all the way, that’s me!

What are the biggest changes you see happening in your industry? And how do they impact you?

In my consultancy work, I have performed as a marketer in various industries (pharma, oil&gas, IT&C, HR & personnel leasing). All these industries still need a joint approach of a marketer & business developer, not just ways to get easy to the consumers, but also the capacity to go further the usual offline/ online communication, and develop new products, brands, new ways to promote them, both in a profitable way AND unique experience for the consumer. The consumer can understand the company’s need for profitability, if the company understands to offer him an experience hard to forget.

What do you want people to know about your work?

I like to perform as “one of the innovators who produce highly original ideas… and invest heart and soul in things that challenges creative thinking” (as a former employer described me).
In new products/ services launch (market scanning, branding & packaging, legal/ regulatory compliance, launching campaigns).
In designing integrated online& in-store campaign, with significant sales and market share increase.
But also known as “The Bitchy Lady who does the Change”, as I have the determination to implement Change Management (risk management, organizational growth strategy).
As TRAVELER, I am used to see all the visited countries (39 countries until now) with my eyes, heart & mind. Looking and writing on people, architecture, emotions, economic trends identified there. China, for example, was for me an incredible travel, both into millennial history & symbols and into a hot-burning economy, production driven, well financed, expanding their economic influence on emergent markets all over the world. I loved to see & share with other people all my insights.
So, I can deliver changes, whether they are new products/ services/ brands or re-organizing an existing business. Or change mentalities and delivering new points of view over businesses and travel destinations.

What are your biggest goals?

To create, grow and promote new ideas, brands, ways of doing things (in business and in life). To permanently challenge the status-quo for bettering systems, products, customer experiences.
To keep alive my passion, experience, ideas, courage, style, spirit, enthusiasm for the team, coach for the younger, learning from all.